Ch. Kenjockety Milkmoon to Teabear, ROM (Millie)
Ch. Yama Tobias ROM X Ch. Kenjockety How High The Moon ROM
DOB: 10/25/04
Vanessa N Weber

Champion Offspring
Name Date Finished Breeder
1 Ch. Teabear Head Terner May 2010 L J Kip Kopatch
2 Ch. Teabear's Terns Of Endearment May 2009 L J Kip Kopatch
3 Ch. Teabear's Rockhopper Penguin October 2007 L.J. Kip Kopatch
4 Ch. Teabear's Emperor Penguin August 2007 L.J. Kip Kopatch
5 Ch. Teabear's Claire De Loon July 2007 L.J. Kip Kopatch

Pedigree of: Ch. Kenjockety Milkmoon to Teabear, ROM (Millie)






 Ch Yama Tobias ROM


Homerbrent Katu

Eng Ch Homerbrent Sibai with Vanistica
Eng Ch Homerbrent Kimi
Shantallah Kansha of Homerbrent

Eng Ch Homerbrent Ryoryo
Jap & Eng Ch Ryusho of Matsuminesow at Amantra
Homerbrent Natu


Vival Suiren


Eng Ch Yancha of Yama

Eng Ch Homerbrent Kiko Of Yama
Eng Ch Homerbrent Roteki

Vival Hiromi

Sharlinden Maxi To Vival
Sharlinden Jofu To Vival






Ch. Kenjockety How High The Moon ROM



Ch We-Syng Falling Waters


Eng Ch Homerbrent Kaitoo

Eng Ch Homerbrent Kimi
Homerbrent Hanayaka

Joy-Tu's We-Syng Totally Vogue

Eng Ch Joy-Tu's Up-And_Atom
We-Sung Joy-Tu Ms. Maybe



Sangria All That Jazz

Sangria Top Secret

Eng Ch Sangria Secret Agent
Only You V. D. Spikke

Sangria Song And Dance

Eng Ch Amantra Kotaro of Sangria
Sangria Miss Saigon