Ch. Teabear's Turtledove, ROM (Dovey)
Ch. Yama Fortune Cookie ROM SOD X Ch. Blake's Sydlicious ROM DOD
DOB: 10/25/04
Breeders: L. J. Kip Kopatch & Gale Rivers

Champion Offspring
Name Date Finished Breeder
1 Ch. Teabear's Luvbug Fully Loaded June 2009 Jane Cooney-Waterhouse
2 Ch. Teabear's Jobi Dove August 2008 L.J. Kip Kopatch
3 Ch. Teabear's Madagascar Dove March 2008 L.J. Kip Kopatch
4 Ch. Teabear's Diamond Dove January 2008 L.J. Kip Kopatch
5 Ch. Teabear's Zebra Dove December 2007 L.J. Kip Kopatch
Ch. Teabear's Turtledove, ROM






Ch. Yama Fortune Cookie ROM SOD



Eng Ch Homerbrent Mara Na

Monmerry Wordsworth of Homerbrent
Eng h. Homerbrent Kimi
Kernyk Kiri of Monmerry

Eng Ch. Homerbrent Ryoryo
Eng Ch. Ryusho of Matsuminsow at Amantra
Homerbrent Natu


Yama Royal Doulton

Eng Ch. Vival Kinzakura
Eng Ch Vival Shoji Satoru
Vival Hiromi

Vival Suiren
Eng Ch Yancha of Yama
Vival Hiromi





Ch Blake's Sydlicious ROM DOD



Ch Blake's Sterling Promise ROM

Ch Dekobras Harrison
Homerbrent Syakai
Dekobras Easter Bonnet

Ch Blake's Private Placement
Ch Jaro-Rayal Barysnikov
Ch Blake's Porcelain Bisque



Ch Gayel's Little Voice ROM

Amantra Onokumi
Amantra Dan Juro
Ranella Delilah Amantra

Ch Alijon's Wild Ginger ROM
Ch Blurmarcs Lil'Man
Ch Beedoc's Alijons Second Wind