Ch. Teabear's Windham A Real Page Terner (Page)
Ch. Teabear's Ternabout's Fair Play X Ch. Kenjockety Moonbeam To Teabear ROM
Owners: Huntley Hashagen & L. J. Kip Kopatch

Pedigree of: Ch. Teabear's A Real Page Terner (Page)




BISA Ch Teabear's Ternabout's Fair Play


Ch Yama Fortune Cookie SOD ROM

Eng Ch Homerbrent
Mara Na ROM
Monmerry Wordsworth of
Eng Ch Homerbrent Ryoryo

Yama Royal Doulton
Eng Ch Vival Kinzakura
Vival Suiren

Ch. Blake's Sydlicious ROM DOD

Ch. Blake's Sterling Promise ROM
Ch Dekobras Harrison
Ch Blake's Private Placement

Ch. Gayel's Little Voice ROM
Amantra Onokumi

Ch Alijon's Wild Ginger ROM





Ch Kenjockety Moonbeam to Teabear ROM



Ch Yama Tobias ROM


Homerbrent Katu

Eng Ch Homerbrent Sibai with Vanistu
Eng Ch Homerbrent Ryoryo

Vival Suiren

Eng Ch Yancha of Yama
Vival Hiromi


Ch Kenjockety How High The Moon ROM

Ch We-Syng Falling Waters

Ch Homerbrent Kaityoo
Joy-Tu's We-Syng Totally Vogue

Sangria All That Jazz

Sangria Top Secret
Sangria Song and Dance